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Our Mission

"Pro-active Empowerment is the Driving Force of The Premier Talent Group."

The Premier Talent Group endeavors to empower a select number of high-quality, highly-committed individuals in the field of entertainment to achieve their career goals through our:

·         sophisticated and comprehensive market planning

·         solicit each client in the appropriate venue

·         negotiate for the client's best placement

Methodological Approach:  This is fundamental difference between PTG and other talent agencies.  PTG views itself as a “talent broker” not as a “salesforce." While this may seem like splitting hairs, there is an important difference.  A talent broker does two things well:

·         Know the Client

·         Know the Market

Here at PTG, we spend a tremendous amount of time studying our actors, reviewing their body of materials and as a result, we do not put them in simple ‘typed’ boxes.  Instead, a great talent should have tremendous range and we get to know that range and explore opportunities outside of the box.  This brings up the second important task; know the market.  PTG spends a tremendous amount of time understanding the market place and creating meaningful and lasting relationships with casting directors, producers and studio executives.  We then ‘broker’ that talent to the specific marketplace opportunity.

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